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You Can Make a Difference



Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day held August 1, 2012, across America affirmed the strong commitment of men and women to traditional values underlying love, marriage and family.

FROM THE HOME FRONT shares their commitment to traditional values.  Radio is a powerful tool for getting the best of information to our citizens.  We need YOU in order to get this information on the radio:

  • Dr. Freda Bush, The Medical Institute: Hormones and Love – What Is the Connection?
  • Teri Mello, Friendship-ing: Courtship, Dating, Friendship-ing – Getting What We Want in Love
  • Scott Phelps, A&M Partnership: What Is Wrong with Teaching Teens the Benefits of Marriage?

YOU can support the EXPERTS in getting their valuable information to the public.  Media outlets offer few opportunities for these EXPERTS to speak out.  FROM THE HOME FRONT is dedicated 100 per cent to providing this important Radio voice.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE?  Consider the turn-around in America when people were educated about the harm of smoking.  In a single generation The Marlboro Man disappeared from television, and Hollywood removed cigarettes from their movie sets.

SEXUAL ETHICS?  You can make the difference in this new cultural battle for truth.  Parents and teens are ready to hear the truth about the harm of promiscuity…and the many benefits that come from honoring eternal truths about love, marriage and sex.  The information is available…it just needs to reach the ears and hearts of the Radio audience.  HELP US TODAY!

Radio SALUTE! – Listen to the SALUTE to Chick-Fil-A: (skip to @ 9 min, 25 seconds)

Do you want a SALUTE for your business? Do you want a custom radio advertisement for your business?  Or do you prefer to underwrite the Radio outreach of FROM THE HOME FRONT from behind the scenes?

Your financial SUPPORT will put the EXPERTS on the radio, educating Americans that science and truth supports their own common sense understandings about love, sex and marriage. This is the kind of truth that will restore a healthy future for our children.

CONTACT us today. We are ready with the EXPERTS. We need your help!

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