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Lies, Lies and Damned Lies

April 29, 2013

Jane Jimenez

Jane Jimenez

If the Internet has any value at all, you would think it would be in its role in “truth telling.”  If only.

Lies and deceit are as old as Adam and Eve.  Lying is an equal opportunity sin:  The man Adam Eveanswered God, “The woman you put here with me….The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

Lying is eternal.  Only one generation out of the Garden, Cain took advantage of lies in an attempt to deceive his Maker.  Where was Able?  “I don’t know,” Cain said…presumably with a straight face.

The Bible abounds in wisdom grounded in knowing the difference between truth and lies.  Proverbs warns us.  Enemies disguise themselves with their lips, but in their hearts they harbor deceit.  [Prov 26:24 NIV]  Satan, the quintessential evil being, is named Father of all lies.

There is only one reason that lying is so pervasive.  There is profit in being a good liar.  If successful, you can retain your deed to the Garden of Eden; you can avoid the mark of Cain for murder.

Ford PintoFord car company tried its best.  And it almost got away with a very profitable lie.  In 1968, the Ford Pinto was set up to be a hot-selling, middle-America car.  Cute car, cute name…the Pinto was perfect for families on a budget and for their children just learning to drive.  Only problem?  Every once in a while, in a simple fender-bender car accident, the Pinto would explode into flames.  And flames are quite deadly to the people involved.

In May 1972, Lily Gray was traveling with thirteen year old Richard Grimshaw in a 1972 Pinto when their car was struck by another car traveling approximately thirty miles per hour.  The impact ignited a fire in the Pinto which killed Lily Gray and left Richard Grimshaw with devastating injuries.  A judgment was rendered against Ford and the jury awarded the Gray family $560,000 and Matthew Grimshaw $2.5 million in compensatory damages.  The surprise came when the jury awarded $125 million in punitive damages as well.  This was subsequently reduced to $3.5 million.

Long ago, when truth was recorded on scrolls, one can imagine how difficult it would have been to ride a donkey down to the local synagogue and dig through their scroll library, unrolling and rolling back leather scrolls in a search for the damning evidence to prove that Ford lied.  With the Internet, just type in “Ford Pinto,” and your evidence is at hand.  Voila!  Search finished. They lied.

The Internet, not yet in existence, would have been a great help in the 70s to reveal truth about the Pinto, saving time…and more importantly…saving lives.  It took more deaths, many years, and thousands of hours upon hours of research to prove that the deaths in Pinto accidents were caused by corporate greed.  Law professor Palmiter explains

Although Ford had access to a new design which would decrease the possibility of the Ford Pinto from exploding, the company chose not to implement the design, which would have cost $11 per car, even though it had done an analysis showing that the new design would result in 180 less deaths.

In the current age, no matter how you count the years between Genesis and today, we are witnesses to a “whole lot of lying going on.”  Just last night, in the commercial breaks for a one hour crime drama, three different drug companies are being accused of lying.  The companies told consumers, “Take our drug.  It is good for you.”  They are being sued.  Liars?

Did you take Accutane, Zoloft, or Actos?  One word typed into your Internet search engine…one Accutane Bookclick… “Enter”…and the entire library of the universe is at your disposal.  You would think that is enough to find truth and reveal lies…wouldn’t you?

If only!

And these drugs are the simple cases.  Don’t even think about investigating lies that involve our sexually promiscuous society.

Have you ever wondered about the money to be made in the sex industry?  Forget the obvious – pornography and prostitution.  What about all of the money to be made by encouraging people of all ages to have all types of sex at any time with anyone for any reason?

Dollar SignIf the question does not produce a string of dollar signs in your mind, please return to Genesis.  If any question has merits in today’s culture, this is it.    What profits are to be made by convincing people to have more of what they already are programmed to desire?  Sex.

And…with all that money at stake…what is the possibility that there are lies out there waiting to be discovered?  Sex…money…lies?  It’s a calculation you can bet on.



Upcoming columns will expose the many profits to be had for those in our culture  who are in the business of promoting free and easy sex.  Yes, there is a cost involved in “free” sex.

Illinois Teaches Teens How to Do Safe Sex?

April 15, 2013

Jane Jimenez

Jane Jimenez

We can all agree on the problem with teens and sex.  We have too much of it, along with the attendant problematic results:  STDs, single parent homes, absent fathers, abortion, economic challenges, and more.  Since the 1960s and the start of the sexual revolution, we have watched these problems escalate.  We have wrung our hands.  And we have sought solutions.

Illinois legislators think they have the solution.  And in their eagerness to “solve the problem,” they are preparing to mandate the “solution” that many believe is one of the problems that got us into the fix we are in.

For half a century, we have explored ways to address the problems associated with teen sex.  Sadly, the first problem is our inability to even agree on the problem at hand.  Do we…

  • Suffer from Puritanical sexual standards, or
  • Believe that sex has no meaning other than the actual physical encounter…
  • Welcome babies as the blessing of our fertility, or
  • Dispose of babies as inconvenient byproducts of sexual pleasure…
  • Address the different sexual needs of men and women emotionally and physically, or
  • Maintain that gender has no significance based on our “sexual equality”…
  • Help parents in their roles as educators for their children on sexual values, or
  • Bypass parents as ignorant stewards of their child’s sexual health…?

This list of conflicting values and beliefs could fill up a spiral student college notebook.  Not surprisingly, the supposed “solutions” to the problems of teen sex could fill up ten spiral student college notebooks.

In Illinois, legislators have put their collective finger on the solution.  They have decided to bet on condoms and contraception.  But they are not betting with their own lives.

Legislators are betting the lives of all Illinois school children on a pipe dream, betting these young wedding giftlives on a “solution” that is actually a problem gift-wrapped in wishful thinking.  They want all Illinois sex education programs to instruct students on how to use a condom and on how to take birth control.

They are not the first to throw condoms at kids, and they won’t be the last.  But, after 50 years of condoms in baskets, free for the taking, we have not solved anything.  Indeed, the very real possibility is that we have made the problem worse.  It is a conundrum that perplexes many.

How could we possibly go wrong in teaching children the use of condoms and contraception?  Let us count the ways:

  • The language of safe and protection is used to sell condoms.  True safety is always safe – 100% of the time.  Medically accurate information reveals that condoms and contraception fail…even with experienced users. [See testimony linked below for detailed information.]
  • The singular “problem” that concerns legislators is pregnancy.  How do they prevent babies?  Many young people do not see babies as a problem.  In fact, for many young people, babies can be a solution for these teens to their own set of problems totally ignored by adults.
  • Condoms and contraception address one primary problem:  pregnancy.  They are not the solution to STDs and can even magnify exposure to STDs.  STDs are not simply “cured” with a few antibiotics.  They lead to sterility, serious lifelong health problems, cancer and death.
  • Classroom educators who promote condoms and contraception through their demonstrations are giving medical advice and instruction to minor children.  These teachers are not subject to the professional medical standards that govern any other area of medicine: credentialing, supervision and medical liability.
  • Condom and contraception instruction lacks any serious follow up with minor children: testing for their understanding, their retention of information or the appropriateness of information for their individual situations.
  • Condom and contraception instruction is often conducted “in the shadows,” in such a way as to distance children from parents and important adults in their lives.  In some cases, parents are characterized by instructors as ignorant, out of touch, and untrustworthy.
  • Condom and contraception instruction empowers people who prey on children, implying that teen sex is appropriate and isolating children from true protection in their families and from medical professionals.
  • Abortion is the unspoken fallback option promoted – and sold –  for any failure of a condom or contraception.  It is no surprise that many of the same businesses that sell abortion are lead advocates for and teachers of contraception.

These are serious drawbacks to the proposed mandate in Illinois.  But the greatest problem with the solution is its failure to actually and directly teach students the healthiest choice of all.

The proposed legislation withholds truth from our children.  The bill “makes changes to provide that all classes that teach sex education and discuss sexual intercourse in grades 6 through 12 shall emphasize that abstinence from sexual intercourse is a responsible and positive decision.” [underlining added]

This statement is worded to suggest that there is a long list of responsible and positive decisions Children Kissing Their Father on His Cheeksabout sex that students can use to choose the one they like best.  It suggests that abstinence is just one of many decisions the student is free to choose from  They can responsibly consider no sex…or they can responsibly consider sex with a condom.  Either…or…both decisions are on the list of “responsible sex”  given approval by the instructor.

Consider that a sixth grade student is 11 to 12 years old.  Is that what you want a stranger to be teaching your child?  Do you want the teacher to tell your 12-year-old daughter that she can have “safe” and “responsible” sex if she uses a condom and that abstinence from sex is just one option of many “good choices?”

Girl giving mom flowers.Condoms and contraception are mechanical fixes used to address a condition of the heart and soul.  Children want love.  They want acceptance and affection.  These are not sexual needs.  They are heart needs.

We can teach children healthy approaches to life, and we can guide them in those choices.  We do that in the areas of diet, smoking, driving and drugs.  It is time to step up to the plate and truly safeguard the sexual health and future for our children.

Illinois…Illinois legislators…the children of your state deserve the best and truest options of all.  If education is not directed to the highest and best goals for our children, then we will get the problems that we deserve.  Unfortunately for our children, we are playing with their lives and with their futures.  They deserve better.


NOTE:  Detailed testimony presented by Scott Phelps to the Illinois State Legislator presents research and professional evidence, including CDC guidelines, supporting a commitment to abstinence until marriage education for students in grades 6 to 12.



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Emerging Questions for Emerging Answers

November 12, 2007

Jane Jimenez

Jane Jimenez

A pattern has emerged. Five easy steps, repeated each year, continue to promote the notion that adults should forget teaching teens the benefits of remaining sexually abstinent until marriage.

Step one: Those in favor of promoting contraception to our young people as “safe and protected sex” publish a Report suggesting sexual abstinence for teens is an impossible … and possibly undesirable … goal.

Step two: The liberal media quickly skims for any phrase that might give them a justification … no matter how slight … to print bold headlines declaring that abstinence education is a failure.

Step three: Repeat “Step Two” ad nauseam.

Step four: Experts fully and thoughtfully analyze said Report, revealing glaring errors, omissions, and inaccuracies in the report. Press releases are issued: the Report fails to qualify as research and is demonstrated to be a thinly disguised political tract controlled by bias.

Step five: The liberal media ignores their own prejudiced reporting of flawed “research.” No headlines appear to retract their errant headlines. The media could take responsibility and announce, “We goofed,” “We messed up,” “We were wrong.” But they don’t.

The latest report to trigger this five-step pattern, Emerging Answers 2007, was issued with great fanfare this month by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies. Written by Douglas Kirby, Ph.D., it was quickly raised on high by the liberal media … ad nauseam … and used to “prove” that … you guessed it … teaching sexual abstinence to teens is a failed enterprise.

Now that the media has finished its part in this charade and departed for other urgent news flashes, thoughtful experts will be able to take the time to analyze Dr. Kirby’s work and put forward their responses. I offer the following Emerging Questions for their consideration:

  1. Why is researcher bias ignored? The introduction to the report states, “Dr. Kirby thought it important to also note that ETR Associates also developed and continues to market several of the curricula reviewed in Emerging Answers 2007.” Plainly speaking, Dr. Kirby makes money selling the curricula he helped write and is now “researching.”
  • Listed as the sole author of the report, Kirby also gives credit to his Research Associate for “important contributions” … none other than an ETR Associates employee of eight years. Further, ETR staff Lori Rolleri and Karin Coyle are thanked for helping determine the topics covered by the report and creating its “balance.”
  • Amazingly, The National Campaign announces these conflicts of interest with thanks to Dr. Kirby for his admission, as if the admission absolves both of them from any professional or ethical challenges. Would this work for the tobacco industry?
  1. Why do The National Campaign and Kirby continue to isolate and address only one of many consequences of teen sex … teen pregnancy? Throughout the report, teen pregnancy is identified as the target for educational programs and the basis for Kirby’s evaluation. If there are fewer pregnancies, the program succeeds? No matter how much sex adolescents are having? No matter the age of the adolescents having sex?
  • This emphasis on teen pregnancy is a foundational research bias. It defines what will be accepted as “success” by the researcher. Consider an 11-year-old who is sexually active. One program may prevent pregnancy by helping her become sexually abstinent. Another program may inject her with Depo Provera. Which approach is successful?
  1. Where are the many positive evaluations of abstinence-until-marriage programs and curricula? These exist. Could their exclusion from Kirby’s “balanced consideration of topics” have anything to do with the research bias set up from the outset in the design of the study favoring contraception for adolescents?
  1. Why is medically accurate information on STDs minimized and even mischaracterized in its importance for teens, suggesting that “protecting” teens from pregnancy is the same as “protecting” teens from STDs? Kirby refers to “behavior that affects the transmission of STDs” and to “protection against pregnancy and STD” as if such “protection” actually exists.

Behavior doesn’t cause STDs. Bacterium and virus are the culprits. The research on their individual infectivity for the major STDs is clear. Condoms have a limited ability to prevent STDs. Chemical contraceptives have NO effectiveness.

In good time, the answers to these and other Emerging Questions will emerge. They will be developed by experts in the field of teen sex who will finally be able to review the full 204-page report in detail. Their answers will shed great light on teen sex and truly effective ways to intervene.

Most likely, “Programs That Work” will actually include many abstinence-until-marriage programs overlooked by Dr. Kirby and The National Campaign. These abstinence programs will focus on teen sex as an inherently risky behavior and will teach teens the truth about the many negative consequences, in addition to pregnancy, related to teen sex.

When that time comes, one great question remains: Will the press take note, much less care? Never mind the ad nauseam. Will the truth, when it fails to conform to media bias, ever make even one headline?

Failure Is Assigned to Maine Students

October 22, 2007

Jane Jimenez

Jane Jimenez

If you’ve read the news, and if you’re not banging your head against the wall, you must be pulling out hairs…or at least scratching the scalp raw.  What were they thinking of?

Wednesday night, October 17, grown adults on the Portland School Committee in Maine voted to extend approval of condoms for junior high students to a wider approval of the full range of birth control options.  School-based health clinics will now be in the business of dispensing birth control to students ages 11 to 13…confidentially…without informing their parents.

This decision shows the muddled thinking of adults who, while loving children, have lost track of the best interests of children.  Richard Verrier, who supported the vote for birth control, told the Associated Press, “it’s not enough to depend on parents to protect their children because there may be students who can’t discuss things with their parents.”

Well, Mr. Verrier, it’s too bad the Portland School Committee failed to act as “caring parents” to “protect their children.”  Any loving parent will know that a child 11 to 13 is not old enough to engage in sexual activity of any kind.  A loving parent protecting their child would take every possible step to teach, counsel, mentor and direct their child away from sexual activity.

Instead, Portland School Committee members acted as rebuffed taxpayers who do not want to spend dollars on rearing babies born to children.  Even when the district provided condoms at their clinics they reported that 17 middle school students had become pregnant in the last four years, seven of them in the 2006-7 school year.

Responding to teen sex as a teen pregnancy issue, their emphasis on birth control tells students that having sex is not the problem.  Having babies is what the adults who “care about them” object to.

One must wonder at the factual information the Committee relied on to make their decision.  Firstly, teen sex is not just a problem when it creates babies.

Valerie Huber, Executive Director of the National Abstinence Education Association points out the obvious.  “Whenever an 11-year old is having sex, there is a problem much bigger than whether or not she will become pregnant because a child that young who has the opportunity to have sex – let alone feels she is mature enough to deal with the physical and emotional effects of intercourse – is, in most cases, seeking intimacy and approval because it is void on all other levels in her life.”

This search for love is what leads to teen pregnancy.  Engaging in the lives of teens, demonstrating true affection and love for their welfare, is a costly investment.  But it is what prevents teen pregnancy.  Instead of providing what teens really need, the Committee opted to throw pills and condoms at them.

They will be disappointed.  They will continue to witness teen births.  Given typical use, the overall failure rate for condoms in preventing pregnancy is approximately 15%.  For teens, this failure rate increases to 22%.  When you promote condoms to teens, you are promoting a 22% failure rate.

Likewise, chemical birth control has its own failure rates.  Dr. Patricia Sulak, a leading researcher of birth control, makes it a practice to ask her adult audiences to raise their hands if they or someone they know became pregnant while using the birth control pill.  With regularity, the room is filled with hands waving in the air.

Evaluating contraception failure rates for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the Committee has now become a key causative factor in this epidemic.  Condoms, despite regular media hype, fail to prevent serious STD infections, including incurable genital herpes.  One in five people over the age of 12 now have genital herpes and carry the virus on body areas not covered by the condom.  Talk about failure!

And if you want to ensure failure, just give a pack of birth control pills or a patch to an eleven-year-old.  Reassured by adults she trusts that she is “protected” against pregnancy, what chance is there that she will also use condoms?  Chemical contraception offers absolutely NO protection against STDs.  Automatic failure!

Committee members will find themselves regretting their actions, even if it takes several years for them to see their error.  Not so for the teens who accept the Committee “solutions” for teen pregnancy.

These teens will begin reaping the “rewards” of failure right away.  They will experience the failures of the solutions promoted by adults who wanted a quick fix at the expense of teens who will be left to deal with the here and now failures of the quick fix.

Contraception will fail to safeguard our children.  And by leading our children to contraception, the Committee has failed our children.  A double dose of failure…and we will all pay the final price.

Tax Dollars Pay for Fraud

October 15, 2007

Jane Jimenez

Jane Jimenez

Impressive federal agencies listed on Consumer Sentinel’s website are leading a battle to protect Americans against fraud:  U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Postal Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Better Business Bureau…and more.  They brag about their successes.

The Federal Trade Commission just announced complaints against seven online sellers of alternative hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products, alleging that they made health claims for their natural progesterone creams without supporting scientific evidence. Six of the sellers have signed consent orders barring them from making such unsubstantiated claims in the future. The seventh did not respond to staff’s repeated contacts, and the case will now be heard by an administrative law judge.

“Millions of women seek safe, effective alternatives to hormone replacement therapy,” said Lydia Parnes, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “These companies violated their trust by making claims they just couldn’t prove.”

Meanwhile, the largest consumer fraud case in our nation’s two-hundred year history continues unchallenged right under the noses of our best Consumer Sentinels.  The worst of it is that this fraud on American taxpayers is financed by our tax dollars, yours and mine.

Defrauding “millions of women” with claims of “safe, effective” medical procedures, Planned Parenthood sells abortions to minors, evading legal requirements put in place to protect our daughters against rape and incest.

For over ten years, Planned Parenthood has demonized those who have worked to collect evidence of their fraud.  But thanks to the growing ability to share information through the Internet, this evidence can now easily be reviewed by every American taxpayer.

In May of this year, Lila Rose, a UCLA journalism student, set out to prove that Planned Parenthood is not following California’s mandatory reporting laws.  Posing as a 15-year-old impregnated by her 23-year-old boyfriend, she secretly captured 2 different Planned Parenthood clinics coaching her on how to avoid the law.   “You could say 16…just figure out a birthday that works…and I don’t know anything.”

Clearly unafraid of any law enforcement effort, Planned Parenthood moved immediately to preserve their right to break the law and defraud American taxpayers.  Instead of offering promises to comply with laws protecting minors against sexual abuse, they threatened to sue Lila Rose for exposing their law-breaking.

This case finally brought to light a practice that has gone on for over a decade.  In a nationwide telephone “sting”, volunteer citizens made calls to Planned Parenthood abortion clinics around the country.  Posing as a girl 14 and her 22-year-old boyfriend, a young girl asked clinic staff if she could get an abortion.

Recorded on YouTube, time and again, Planned Parenthood staffers coach the minor on avoiding mandatory reporting laws in their states.  “There is complete confidentiality,” one Colorado operator advises her, “You need to call completely anonymously…and don’t tell us anything about who the partner is.”  An Alaska woman advises, “have a girlfriend come with you and tell them your boyfriend is 16.”  Iowa, Connecticut, Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Utah, Kentucky…caught on tape…each clinic staff person gives the minor a plan to avoid state law.  ”As long as you have the money and yourself,” the New Jersey Planned Parenthood receptionist assures her, “you’re fine.”

This deception has dire consequences for our young daughters.  As Lila made plans for her investigation in Los Angeles, across the country, a lawsuit filed in Ohio revealed that Planned Parenthood had failed to report a known case of incest.  As alleged in the suit, in November, 2004, a 16-year-old girl paid for her abortion and informed Planned Parenthood staff that her own father was the father of her baby and that the abuse had been on-going since 2000.  Incredibly, Becki Brenner, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio, told Cybercast News Service the young girl was a “victim of pro-life activists.”

The fraud does not stop here.  Intent on expanding the network of clinics that promote breaking our laws, Planned Parenthood has resorted to deceit, sneaking into towns with false identities in order to build abortion super-clinics.  Ainsley Earhardt on Hannity’s America filed a detailed report from Aurora, Illinois, where Planned Parenthood’s scheme involved filing false building permits under business names intended to mask Planned Parenthood’s identity.  The fifth permit fraudulently stated that the tenant was unknown.

Illinois Zoning Attorney Vince Tessitori defines the series of five permits as fraud…purposely deceiving public authorities in the approval process.  This is a scheme being used by Planned Parenthood around the country.  In Texas, construction workers realized the deception when they discovered plans to install bulletproof windows and surgery recovery rooms.  They refused to continue construction.

Last year Planned Parenthood’s financial statements disclosed over $305 million of our tax dollars funded their deception and fraud.  After paying for all business expenses, including construction permits and employee wages, they earned more than 60 million dollars in profit…quite a haul for a business that claims to be non-profit.

American taxpayers are being fleeced.  We are being asked to pay the bill for a business that earns a profit from breaking the law right under the noses of the FBI…law-breaking caught on tape, but allowed…and paid for with our tax dollars.

Getting mad is not enough.  Action is what counts.  If you want to put an end to this publicly funded fraud, you need to let Congress know.  They are the ones who continue to pour our money into Planned Parenthood’s massive public fraud.

Call today:  (202) 224-3121.  The Capital Operator can direct you to your Senator and Representative.  On the web, you can locate your representatives and contact them directly.

Your message:  Stop sending our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.  Stop now.  Stop right this minute.