King of Lies

September 17, 2007

Jane Jimenez

Jane Jimenez

In one of the greatest public relations scams of modern times, America is being duped by the King of Lies.

From the inception of grassroots programs in the 1990s bringing abstinence education to teens, Planned Parenthood has fought to extinguish the abstinence message.  In the first years, they were very direct with us.  They hated abstinence education.  Why?  Because sex was a natural right…even for teenagers.  If teens wanted to have sex, they were merely exercising their natural born right to enjoy having sex.

But with escalating birth rates and a new generation of sexually transmitted diseases, parents and public officials were hard-pressed to accept this line of reasoning.  Planned Parenthood and its friends needed to find a new tactic. Putting on their creative hats, they added water and stirred, creating…“medical accuracy.”

Knowing that you only need to repeat a lie often enough for people to accept it, Planned Parenthood has led an unrelenting campaign to convince people that abstinence educators base their programs on bad medicine.  It is a catch-phrase that has caught on, even as this idea is promoted by the one organization in America that has survived by avoiding medically accurate information at all costs.

On their website, Planned Parenthood offers the basics of fertilization of the human egg.  Oddly, passing over medically accurate and captivating modern films of real sperm and eggs creating a living and cell-dividing zygote, they opt for a crude cartoon starring a penis named Peter (Yes!) wrapped up in a tan trench coat.

Peter stars on The G Spot with a nameless Vixen complete with cleavage, the voice of Mae West and a fur-lined dress in the shape of the vagina and vulva.  In their crass comedy routine, where “the genitals tell it like it is,” fertilization of the egg by the sperm ends with Peter inviting Mae West back to his place…because all this talk “really got him going.”

If Planned Parenthood wanted to entertain a six-year-old with cute sperm playing cards poolside as a pearl ovum floats by on a lily pad, they have succeeded.  If they wanted to use the one website in the world that could really promote medically accurate information on how life is created, this cartoon is a dismal failure.

Once Planned Parenthood explains “How Pregnancy Happens,” their next offering is a page titled “Pregnant, Now What?”  In a long-winded, ho-hum, resigned acknowledgment that you must be pregnant, nowhere is there the hint of the joy of conception for a couple who “planned parenthood.”

Nowhere is such a happy couple invited to see a real zygote implanted in the womb developing into a human life.  Instead, shifting attention to all the problems of being pregnant…the missed period, the difficult decision, raising the child by myself…the list of “choices” offered by Planned Parenthood is enough to create clinical depression in an amoeba.

Depressed?  No worry.  The cure for your depression is offered in the next sentence… “You can choose to end the pregnancy.”

But first…

…just to make sure you never encounter any medically accurate information about the “cells attached to the uterus,” Planned Parenthood makes sure to alert you to “so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that are “anti-abortion”. These “fake clinics”, they warn,       advertise free pregnancy testing to “lure women into their anti-choice agenda.”

What Planned Parenthood would rather you not know is that crisis pregnancy centers rely on medically accurate ultrasounds to give women medically accurate information for considering “the choice” being sold to them on a website that prefers cartoons to truth.

On the Planned Parenthood website, looking for just one 4-D ultrasound, I type in fetus on their search engine.  The first offering?  An article listed by Planned Parenthood, “The Bible Is Silent on Abortion,” is written by Rabbi Dennis S. Ross.  Just below, an article, “The President Signs the Dangerous Unborn Victims of Violence Act,” clearly denounces any attempt to create “legal personhood for the fetus.”

And just to make sure you never consider the “personhood” of the fetus they offer to abort, the next article listed by their search engine offers Planned Parenthood’s medically accurate version of fetal development reduced to six lines:

We know that the embryo or fetus cannot feel pain before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Nearly all — 99 percent — of abortions are done before 20 weeks. It is even possible that a fetus is unable to perceive pain at any time during pregnancy. If, however, the ability to feel pain does develop before birth and consciousness, it is likely to happen only after the 28th week of pregnancy, when abortion is performed only for rare, unusual medical situations.

Partial-birth abortion?  It’s never mentioned by Planned Parenthood in medically accurate terms that would lead a person to understand what is happening to the fetus…or baby.  The actual gruesome “procedure” is carefully cloaked by Planned Parenthood behind this banal statement, “The fetus and other products of conception are removed from the uterus with medical instruments and suction curettage. This procedure takes about 10-20 minutes.”  Not one word about stabbing the baby and sucking out the brain from the cranium.

Ultrasound?  A search of Planned Parenthood’s information base gives you the assurance that an “ultrasound can also be used to help locate an Intrauterine Device (IUD) inside a woman’s uterus.”  Pictures offered of a  baby in the womb?  None.  Pictures of an IUD…just follow the Planned Parenthood hyperlink.

Try as one may, using the search engine on Planned Parenthood’s website, there is not one picture of a “bunch of cells” developing in the uterus…the cells at the heart of the choice they will abort for $500 cash, a choice that impacts 1.6 million women and babies every year.

Planned Parenthood leading the charge of a campaign to offer medically accurate information is enough to make a person laugh.  No wonder they fight every legislative effort to enforce Informed Consent.  If only it weren’t so tragic.

Can anything good come from having the King of Lies set the standards for truth? No.  Not one good thing.