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Expert Reisman    Dr. Judith Reisman

How did Alfred Kinsey promote sexual ideas that formed the basis of “friends with benefits” for our college students today?

Why does Indiana University resist opening the research files of Alfred Kinsey for the evaluation of modern professional researchers?  Can Kinsey’s research stand the test of today’s research standards?

Expert McIlhaney   Dr. Joseph McIlhaney

How did the ideas of Alfred Kinsey contribute to the “free sex” culture on modern college campuses?  Founder of the The Medical Institute for Sexual Health, Dr. McIlhaney ensured that critical medical information would be available to parents and kids – revealing the lies of “free sex” and providing a path to healthy enjoyment of sex.

How does “free sex” in today’s culture compromise the health and happiness of our youth?

Expert Grossman     Dr. Miriam Grossman

How does “free sex” on American college campuses threaten the welfare of our young men and women?

Free sex?  How does the sexual culture of youth today enslave young people to relationships based on selfishness – “What can you do for me?”

Expert Bush1


 Dr. Freda Bush

Free Sex – The consequences of the sexual revolution of the 60s are evidenced in important areas of all humans:  physical, emotional, social, relational, economic and spiritual.

Can sexual freedom be bad for people?  If yes…how?

EXPERTS  at From the Home Front provide information and expertise to help us evaluate modern cultural beliefs about sex, marriage and family.


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