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June 28, 2014         NPF – Natural Family Planning Info and Links for Info

June 28, 2014          NFP – Natural Family Planning – What is NFP ?

June 21, 2014          Abstinence & Marriage: A Clear Link, A 2008 study by Dr. Bradford Wilcox,

June 21, 2014           Take Back Your Marriage,  by William J. Doherty

June 7, 2014             Policy Paper Video Presentation – War on Women & Collateral Damage

May 31, 2014          101 Tips for a Happier Marriage, by Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD

May 24, 2014           A&M Partnership – Abstinence Curricula Student Books

May 24, 2014           FLASH Sex Education Program  (NOTE: Link does not load properly)

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