The American Family is under assault.  Eternal understandings about family and marriage have given way to modern efforts to deconstruct traditional family values, labeling common sense as old-fashioned, obsolete, and irrelevant.  Media forces, coordinating with the academic elite, sabotage honest debate of family issues.  They…

  • refuse to publish studies and stories that support traditional values;
  • demonize conservative spokespeople and experts;
  • restrict funding to projects that support traditional families and values;
  • create a hostile environment to sideline conservative academics and media forces;
  • shut down honest debate by accusing conservatives of “hate speech”; and
  • intimidate ordinary citizens into silence.

At THE HOME FRONT, we are committed to vigorous debates that bring common sense and eternal truths to the table.  We…

  • invite all viewpoints to the table;
  • evaluate the body and quality of research and argument used to promote social agendas;
  • examine issues impacting families from both the liberal and conservative perspectives;
  • invite experts into the debate who have been ignored or silenced by the liberal establishment;
  • consider all dimensions of personal and family health, including the relational, economic, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions; and
  • promote respect for all participants in the dialogue.

We look forward to your input.  Visit us often at THE HOME FRONT…and join in the dialogue.