About ForTRUTH, Inc.

MISSION STATEMENT:  To promote exploration of scientific, psychological, social, spiritual, and moral truth in common discourse.  This exploration of truth shall:

  • Welcome controversy as an open door to the exploration and consideration of truth.
  • Affirm intellectual inquiry as a natural desire and ability residing in the human spirit that is not dependent on formal academia.
  • Foster and call for factual truth in the public forum.
  • Affirm the existence of foundational truth as the cornerstone of healthy life and sound public policy.
  • Affirm that foundational truth must be consistent with the natural order of creation and life.
  • Promote respect for all individuals in the midst of controversy and debate.


Albert SchweitzerI myself found the basis and the direction for my life at the moment I discovered the principle of Reverence for Life, which contains life’s ethical affirmation.  I therefore want to work in this world to help people to think more deeply and independently.  I am in complete disagreement with the spirit of our age, because it is filled with contempt for thought.  We have come to doubt whether thinking will ever be capable of answering questions about the universe and our relationship to it in a way that would give meaning and substance to our lives….To blindly accept a truth one has never reflected upon retards the advance of reason.  Our world rots in deceit.  Our very attempt to manipulate truth itself brings us to the brink of disaster….Elemental thinking starts from fundamental questions about the relationship of man to the universe, about the meaning of life, about the nature of what is good.  It is directly linked to the thought that motivates all people.  It penetrates our thought, enlarges and deepens it, and makes it more profound….The truth of philosophy is not proved until it has led us to experience the relationship between our being and that of the universe, an experience that makes us genuine human beings, guided by an active ethic….Any profound view of the universe is mystic in that it brings men into a spiritual relationship with the Infinite….Because I have confidence in the power of truth and of the spirit, I believe in the future of mankind.  Ethical acceptance of the world contains within itself an optimistic willing and hoping that can never be lost.  It is, therefore, never afraid to face the somber reality as it really is.Albert Schweitzer Portrait 2

~~Albert Schweitzer

Lambarene, Africa

March 7, 1931