In an age where the prevailing “truth” is that “everyone is entitled to his/her own truth,” debate is not only difficult.  Debate is useless.

Clearly, this is a nonsensical premise from the very start.  If nothing is true…then even the statement that “nothing is true” is not true.  We are left with a brain, but nothing to do with it.

Here at THE HOME FRONT, we ascribe to the old-fashioned notion that some things are true and some things are not.  These truths and untruths are foundational.  They are not opinions.  They have no expiration date.  They can be ignored…if one chooses to ignore truth.  But truth does not disappear just because we choose to wear blinders.

Here at THE HOME FRONT, we dare to set out the Guiding Principles that must be true in order for us to use our brain.  They must be true in order for us to have an intelligent conversation.  And if we find any evidence that they are not true, we must pursue the truth with a deep understanding that truth does matter.

  1. Truth is essential. People of good conscience may hold differing opinions on an issue, but the truth underlying the issue must not be compromised.
  2. Integrity is essential to preserving truth. Apparent conflict between “truths” must be scrutinized to distill the foundational truth that is not inconsistent within itself nor with other foundational truths.
  3. Faith has a positive role to play in the marketplace of ideas and public policy.
  4. Secular worldviews, including agnosticism and atheism, are branches of faith each with a corresponding unique religious dogma, and “believers” are compelled to adhere to their religious dogma with total obedience.
  5. Common sense makes good sense. No social issue or debate is so complex that it requires a doctorate or extensive research before common people can come to sound decisions.
  6. Natural law and design is considered a positive force, and public policy should be in harmony with this natural law.
  7. Individual choice may lead some people to reject natural law or to attempt to redefine natural law, but such choices must remain individual.  Governmental responsibility, entrusted with the welfare of all individuals, requires adherence to natural laws as the means of safeguarding social order.
  8. Disagreement is natural and to be expected.  Mere disagreement does not imply hate.  Debate of social issues is essential for the health of individuals, their families, and our nation.
  9. Neither truth nor wisdom are determined by majority vote.
  10. All things in love.